Dexter Town Office

Public Safety

Location: 23 Main Street

                 Dexter, Maine  04439


Phone: (207) 924-7351

Fax: (207) 924-7352

Town Manager: Trampas King 

Town Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Credit/Debit Cards accepted. Policy & Fees



Dexter Fire / Police Depts.      


Mayo Hospital Ambulance




Penobscot County Sheriff      

Maine State Police                   


Police Chief: Kevin Wintle


Fire Chief: Matt Connor

1st Asst. Chief: Rick Stocker

2nd Asst. Chief: Barry Deering  



Animal Control: Noel Sirabella       

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The central Maine

community of Dexter,

located in Penobscot County, is situated in a small valley along Route 7 that runs north from the intersection of Route 95 in Newport and continues toward the Dover-Foxcroft and Moosehead Lake Region. Dexter Maine was incorporated in 1816 and Maine becomes the 23rd state in 1820.

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(207) 924-6268




(207) 924-7623



(207) 270-1776

(207) 270-0474

(207) 717-0425 

(207) 379-2776

(207) 478-4220

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            Dexter Utility District (water and sewer)


Water Assistance Program

Maine State Housing Authority is accepting applications for assistance with water and sewer bills for Maine residents on public water systems. This is a federally funded program. The Dexter Utility District has completed the paperwork to accept funds on behalf of customers.  You don’t necessarily have to be behind in your water/sewer account.  If you qualify for assistance you may receive up to $500 toward existing balances or future water/sewer bills.  If you already qualify for fuel assistance, it’s likely that you would qualify for this program.  We encourage our customers to check out this new program.  The link is Maine Water Assistance Program ( or call for more information at

1-800-52-4668. You can also call the District office at 924-7367.


Council Meetings are second Thursday of Month @ 7pm. 

Next meeting November 10th, 2022

There is a public bid for a new terminal building on the Dexter Regional Airport Page (posted 10/21/22)


Public comments can be sent by email to


Check out our Community Calendar for Scheduled Events

Holiday Schedule

11/24, 11/25 - Thanksgiving

12/23, 12/26 - Christmas