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Town Manager

Trampas King
924-7351 ext.13

Town Clerk

Susan Page
924-7351 ext.10

Deputy Clerk

Stasia Hurley
924-7351 ext.11

Tax Collector

Marilyn Curtis
924-7351 ext.15

Tax Assessor

Travis Gould
924-4057 or 924-7351 ext.10

Cemetery Sexton

Richard Gudroe
924-3241 or 924-7351 ext.10

Recreation Director

Mike Martin

Facilities Director

Trampas King
924-7351 Ext. 13

Pub. Works/Highway Director

Steve Kimball

Assistant Clerk/Finance

Laura Maul
924-7351 ext.16

Code Enforcement Officer

& Local Plumbing Inspector

Al Tempesta
924-7351 ext.15

Dexter Utility District

Tom Crawford
25 Main Street

Animal Control Officer

Justin Sirabella
478-9931  or 478-4243
Sandy Sirabella 379-2776

General Assistance/

Human Services

Juli Kimball
924-7351 ext.17 or after hours emergency: 270-1455

Food Cupboard/Clothes Closet

Juli Kimball
924-7351 ext.17
Call for App. for Food Cupboard

Clothes Closet
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30AM - 3:00PM

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