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Wayside Grange & Theatre


Mission Statement

Wayside Theatre is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization. It exists to provide a voice for all the arts in that a stage production integrates a wide variety of creativity such as set design, costume design, lighting and sound techniques, instrumental and vocal music and dance, as well as performing directing. It is an open theatre, welcoming all without discrimination, and its goal is to achieve excellence of performance. It’s purpose is to encourage and promote appreciation of drama, train and develop the skills of its participants, and produce quality productions for the entertainment of its audiences. Its plan for development includes a Youth Theatre School, a Senior Citizen’s Play-reading group, and a Studio Workshop (Technical Skills) credit course for high school students. The theatre shall operate as a not-for-profit business corporation, in strict accordance with its Code of Regulations, and maintain sound fiscal management throughout its operations and initiatives. It is recorded in this document that Wayside Theatre was founded under the auspices of the Dexter Bicentennial Committee as a fitting project to begin the Town’s second hundred years.

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