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Sunshine Club

In 1903 The Sunshine Club was created and organized by the late Mrs. Annie Fish. The Sunshine Club’s mission, then and now, is to bring a bit of sunshine and cheer to children, the ill, the grieving, and shut-ins.


The Sunshine Club is an organization of women that seek out residents in their time of need. They are not listed in the phone book but if you have a 50th anniversary, a 90th birthday, are sick or housebound, lose a loved one, have a child starting kindergarten, etc. then chances are they will learn of it and do something to brighten your day or to assist. These caring women also have annual events, such as providing assistance at Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of which, like their other endeavors, are funded through donations, dues, and fundraisers.


This club is not a charity in the sense that they are helping people that cannot help themselves. The acts these women strive to perform is to bring Sunshine to community members and make their days more pleasant.

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