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Dexter Lake Association

Keeping our lakes clear and healthy is very important! The Dexter Lakes Association is a volunteer based organization that is  committed to monitoring the lakes quality, learning about problems that affect lakes, and solving problems as they come up. For more information please go to Dexter lakes association website at


2023 Dexter Lakes Association

Annual Report to The Town of Dexter, Maine                                                               2023 News Letter



This year we are celebrating 22 years of Dexter Lakes Association activities and 40 years of the Audubon Loon Count There are currently 135 paid memberships, with 47 attending the annual meeting on July 12, 2023. The Board of Directors includes: Dan Hutchins President Cathie Frost, Vice President Michael Ann Wells, Treasurer Ruth Fogg, Secretary Adam Briggs, Membership Valerie Silverman Debra Morse Ron Apel Heather Mullen JC Forgotson Janie Snyder, Advisor Dexter Lakes Association represents Lake Wassookeag and Echo Lake ( Puffers Pond) in Dexter, Maine. The purpose is to help monitor the health of the lakes, in order to preserve and protect them. Membership is open to anyone sharing that interest and commitment. DLA maintains two professional and scientific memberships to assist in fulfilling that mission - Maine Lakes Society and Lake Stewards of Maine. Through them DLA currently has seven (7) Trained Invasive Plant Patrollers and two (2) Secchi Disc testers. Both groups have completed training and certification through the Voluntary Lakes Monitoring Program. The General membership meets annually. The July 12, 2023 meeting was held at the VFW Hall on Cedar Street, Dexter. Over 50 members participated. The invited speaker was Caroline Murray from Maine Lakes who talked about how we can keep phosphorus out of the lake with help from the Lake Smart Program. The Board of Directors meets at least twice, spring and fall to address concerns and evaluate strategies to maintain lake health. Additionally, DLA participates in the Dexter Town Fourth of July parade with a decorated boat, followed by The Boat Parade on Lake Wassookeag. In 2023 twenty three (23) decorated boats paraded around the lake to the delight of hundreds of spectators. Nine DLA volunteers assisted with the Audubon Society's annual Loon Count on July 17. Nineteen (19) adults were counted. Two chicks (twins) hatched on the Big Lake after the loon count and are thriving. Two nests on the Little Lake did not have any surviving chicks. One unhatched egg was found and it is assumed eagles found the newly hatched chicks. Two new “Look out for Loon” signs were posted, one by each boat Landing. The Invasive Plant Patrol revealed No Aquatic Invasives, but two shoreline Invasives: Purple Loosestrife, and small patches of Yellow Water Iris exist on the shore. Both appear on the Maine State Invasive List. The high rains changed the range of the purple loosestrife, increasing it in new areas (previously dry, now wet) and decreasing it in others (previously wet but now too wet) . There were 8 volunteers in the patrol effort this year. Approximately 60 hours of IPP volunteer time were logged in 2023. Six safety buoys are maintained and monitored by Frank Spizucco. Buoys are removed in the winter months and replaced in the spring. Ice-in finally occurred after several partial covers on Jan 9, 2023. Ice-out was April 18, 2023. The ice season was shorter than most and ice thickness maxed out at 18 inches (also less than normal) due to the fairly mild winter. Smelts were not running as normal.

Respectively Submitted,
Ruth Fogg Secretary,
Dexter Lakes Association

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