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Dexter Lake Association

Keeping our lakes clear and healthy is very important! The Dexter Lakes Association is a volunteer based organization that is  committed to monitoring the lakes quality, learning about problems that affect lakes, and solving problems as they come up. For more information please go to Dexter lakes association website at


2019 Dexter Lakes Association

Annual Report to The Town of Dexter, Maine


The Dexter Lakes Association reports a membership of 136 members from Lake

Wassookeag and Echo Lakes. The Association held the Annual Meeting of

Membership at the Knights of Columbus Building on July 11, 2019. Discussion of DLA

activities included a report on the recent participation in July 4 Town

Parade and the Boat Parade, which included 18 decorated boats.

It was a fine day with great shoreline participation by residents

cheering the water parade.


July was a busy month for DLA, as sponsor of The Melinda Ann 

Educational Boat visit to Lake Wassookeag on July 17-18. The 

program included Dexter Day Campers from grades 2-4 as well

as, DLA members. Although about 25 campers enjoyed the

educational experience, the second day of the program was

rained out. Those who missed the scientific excursion, the program

will be reschuled for July 15-16, 2020. Participants were able to

study Water Clarity techniques with the Secchi Disc Test, water

temperature testing, and microscopic testing of water samples for micro organisms.















DLA members served as Volunteers for Dexter’s Red Hot Dog Day and the dexterworkcamps experience.

The annual Loon count was conducted and reported to the Maine Audubon Society on the third Saturday of July between 7-7:30 am. Reporters counted 8 adults and 3 chicks during the survey, although several became fatalities of the eagles shortly thereafter.


                                                                        The 2020 survey will be July 18, 2020. Those interested in participating should                                                                                contact DLA in early July for registration. During the week of August 12-17, 2019,                                                                            the DLA Invasive Plant Patrollers took to the water with vigor, if not numbers.                                                                                    Several algae blooms were sighted and determined to be metaphyton caused by                                                                            runoff. (not blue-green algae of concern). Native

                                                                        plants were numerous and healthy. There are

                                                                        nearly fifty identified native species recorded in

                                                                        our lakes. No aquatic plants were found to be of

                                                                        concern. The occurrence of Purple Loosestrife is

                                                                        down from previous years, due to conscientious

                                                                        work by residents. Stay Vigilant! All lake users are

                                                                        encouraged to “Take a Look, Take a Sample” if

they come across something of concern. Place the sample in a zip lock style plastic bag with

some lake water and submit it to DLA President, Dan Hutchins. Text to Dan Hutchins 717-9091.


The higher water levels this summer reduced large boat access to both sides of Lake

Wassookeag at the causeway. The new docking area on the Large side is a big addition

to access. Lake users are reminded that there is No Swimming, No feeding of birds there.


In late summer, there again was an unusual series of heavy rainfalls (over 1”each) in a short

time. This caused extreme volumes of water to rush through properties and roads. The subsequent erosion finds its way into the Lakes and streams, resulting in a host of unintended environmental problems. The DLA representatives have been meeting with state and town officials to try to prevent further wash-outs and remedy damaged areas.


Anyone with concerns about these events should contact DLA President Dan Hutchins by texting him at 717-9091. Professional resources are available for camp owners.


Janie Snyder

DLA Secretary

Oct. 14, 2019

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